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but i’m forever missing him

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The thing I always make fun of is the wardrobe. Really, do you think anyone would actually wear full hair and makeup and 6-inch heels to school? I was 13 when I was last in school, and I never wore makeup. I wasn’t allowed. Now [girls are] all wearing heels and makeup and getting their hair done, so I’m not sure it’s us influencing girls or that’s just the way it is now. If I had gone to high school, I would have rolled out of bed and showed up in sweats. I mean, I want to work with Woody Allen; that’s one of my goals. And every film he does, the wardrobe is so simple, no makeup or hair, and that’s what I love in a movie—a natural human being, not dressed to the nines, false lashes, all done up.

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16 followers until my next thousand

you guys should follow her ^_^

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Anonymous: "Aria is A. SHE Is A."

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i meaaaan, i’d love it! XD i want something really twisted to happen, but i doubt marlene would actually make it happen and stick with it, so i don’t think she is A =/

aria montgomery + red
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spash4life replied to your post: anonymous asked:Spannarily please…

That’s the ship name????

yesssss hahahahaha it sounds so good XD 

:( the ob links won’t work for me :( i’m so sad :(

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Holland Roden attends Day 1 of the LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party on April 12th, 2014

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